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Big Pit Trip

We had a great time when we visited 'The Big Pit' in Wales to learn about what life was life for people who worked in the coal mines.

We started with a workshop about how the miner's clothes would have been washed when there were no washing machines or electricity and we all had a go at using a washboard and soap. We looked at the miner's equipment in the museum and then tried crawling through a very small tunnel.  We also tried pulling a 'dram' which was a wooden truck used to carry the coal out of the tunnel.  It was hard work!  After lunch we watched a film about mining and looked in a 'pretend mine' at the different types of machines that they would have used.  We also saw what a dangerous and difficult job it was. We decided that we would rather be in school than work down the mine as a 'trapper' which lots of Victorian children had to do when they were the same age as us!

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