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16.09.18 Switzerland


This week, we have been learning about Switzerland. We are lucky enough to have a Swiss teaching student to coming to our school for the next few weeks.


Mr Cook  split us up into groups. He set up very fun activities.


The first activity was to make cuckoo clocks. Mrs Newman helped us make them from cardboard. They were a house shape with spinning handles for the clock face. Underneath we made a little door with a paper bird inside.


We then did some cooking - delicious Swiss snacks. Each group made something different with Miss Schrader. We made a cheese tart, the second group made a chocolate tart, the third group make potato rosti and the final group made custard tartlets. 


For our third activity, Mrs Kirkham told us a traditional Swiss story. We had to act out the story and add music.


We also did some map work with Mr Cook. Some of the maps we drew were amazing and we learned lots of interesting facts about Switzerland. 


By William and George

08.07.19 Bristol Museum


At 9:30 am on Friday we got on a coach and went to Bristol Museum. When we arrived we put our bags on a trolley. We then went off in our groups to look around the museum.

We looked at dinosaurs, paintings and stuffed animals. At 11:30 we all met up and ate lunch. 

Once we had finished we did a workshop on the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We looked at old axe heads and how they had changed over thousands of years. 



At the end of the day we all got back on the bus - what a lot we learned!


By Barney and Rory



03.07.19 Art of Science 2019


When we got to the university we met a lady called Dr Joanne. We looked at an exhibition called the Art of Science which had had our pictures in it! You can see them in the picture below.



We looked at the children's ones and the ones by sophisticated artists. We had to vote for our favourites.













After that we made gigantic brain neurons from pipe cleaners with Dr J. We then when went to look at a huge microscope called an electron microscope with Dr Sally Hobson. She showed us some pictures of extremely close up items and we had to work out what they were. Here is one, can you guess what it is?


This is a picture of broccoli but magnified thousands of times!


Next we went to a laboratory and looked at lots of animal skulls. We use coloured paper and lights to make them look like they were shining different colours. It was quite spooky! Joanne then took us back upstairs to look through some microscopes and draw pictures of what we saw.

We finished our day by having lunch and ice-cream in the university gardens before playing in the mirror maze. What a great day we had!


By Nico and Grace