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Class 1 Blog

Term 1 week 1

Since we have been back to school we have been doing all of our lessons.  Our new topic is all about space! We have five new reception children and they have settled well into school.  The year 1's and Year 2's have got new homework folders and they are very excited about doing their homework! We are very happy because we get to mix with Class 2 again for assemblies and at play time and lunch time.  We have also been back on the library bus for the first time since lockdown!

Term 1 week 2

This week we have been learning about the sun.  We have learned some amazing facts.  Did you know that the sun has special gravity that pulls the other planets towards it? We also found out that the sun is one million three hundred thousand times bigger than the Earth! In art we painted pictures of the sun using red and yellow paint and we mixed them to make orange.

Term 1 week 3

Our reception children have started doing full days and they have had their first PE  and music lessons with us.  In Science we have been looking at our shadows.  We drew around each other's shadows on the playground with chalk.  When ever we were back in the playground we looked to see if our shadow would be in the same place.  We noticed that our shadows moved because the sun was shining from a different direction.  Sometimes we couldn't see our shadows because the sun was covered by clouds.  Our new school councillors met for the first time this week and they discussed our school rules.  On Friday they are going to get their school council badges!

Term 1 week 4

This week we had visitor who came to teach us how to stay safe on the internet.  We learned that we need to make sure we know who we are playing with online.  In Science we made rain some guages to see how much rain we will have in one week.  We have had quite a lot of rain already! The whole school also did a gym run this week and we did five different exercises to measure how fit we are.  At the end of the year we will do it again to see if we have got fitter.

Term 1 week 5

We had an exciting start to the week when The Explorer Dome came to visit!  Josh, Alex and Alex were the teachers. First we took our shoes off then we crawled through the dark tunnel with the beautiful lights. After Alex showed us some wonderful pictures of space.  Next they told us some cool stories about the stars.  Our favourite story was about Orion and his dog Sirius. 

Term 1 week 6

After our visit from The Explorer Dome we have been inspired to retell the story of Orion and Sirius.  We have practised telling the story and we have added some actions.  Next we are going to write the story.  This week we also had an outdoor learning session with Mrs Walden.  We looked for stones and we put them in water to see if they changed and we also tried to draw with them.  When they were wet we couldn't draw with them but when they were dry we could.   Later we decorated them if we wanted to with permanent pens and eye stickers! We made them special to us and then we could keep them. We also played some games.

Term 2 week 1

We are all back after a lovely half term holiday! In our Maths lessons we have been learning about odd and even numbers.  We know that even numbers are made of pairs.  Year 1's have been learning about ordinal numbers.  Ordinal numbers tell us the position of something.  In English we have been learning how to write questions.  We have thought  of some questions about space such as, what do astronauts wear?

Do you know what a question is?

Term 2 week 2

We are very excited because in Design Technology we are going to be making moon buggies.  We have looked at some pictures of the real moon buggies that astronauts used on the moon to give us some ideas.  This week some children went to the Tops Activity Festival and had a great time doing different sports.  On Thursday 11th November at 11 O'clock we will have a minutes silence to remember all the soldiers who fought in the war.  Some of us will be wearing a poppy. 

Term 2 week 3

This week we had a special visitor. Mrs Beck came to teach us how to cross the road safely.  We went to the hall and practised using a pretend road, a puffin crossing and traffic lights.  In Design and Technology we made the base of our moon buggies. We sawed four pieces of wood and stuck them together with cardboard triangles.  After the glue has dried we will add more things to them.


Term 2 week 4

In English we have been researching our favourite planets by reading information books. Afterwards we wrote our facts in our English books.  Next we are going to create a fact sheet about our planets.  Would you like to come and read them? What is your favourite planet?  Yesterday in Music, we started learning some Christmas songs! We hope that we will be able to perform them to our parents.

Term 2 week 5

Our class teddy Travelling Ted surprised us this week by telling us he wants to travel into space! So we designed a space suit for him.  We had to think about the different materials that would be suitable.  We thought plastic would be good for his helmet, fabric or thin plastic for his space suit and gloves and plastic for his boots.  

In History we have been looking at a time line of space travel. We found out that the first living things in space were fruit flies! We were very good at putting the different events in order on a time line.

Term two week 6

Class 1 watched a Christmas show called 'The Night Before Christmas'.  It was very funny when Santa was dancing in his sunglasses and Dasher did some hilarious actions!  We finished our moon buggies this week.  We used our designs to help us decide which equipment to put on to the platform.  We used lots of different materials such as plastic tubs, cardboard boxes, shiny paper and tin foil pots.  They look really good!

Term 2 week 7

On Monday we did Forest School at the park and we made shelters for Father Christmas just in case he needed some where for a little nap on Christmas Eve! On Friday we saw Santa and he gave us a Christmas present! In Class 1 we finished our space mission so we got a class treat. We chose to have extra play, watch a film and do activity wall.  Today we are going to the pub to have our Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year!

Term 3 week 2

Happy new year! This term we are learning about The Victorians. They were called 'The Victorians' because their queen was called Victoria. We have been thinking of questions of things we would like to find out for example, 'What were the buildings like?'  In art we are learning how to do portraits.  A portrait is a picture of one person or a small group of people.  We drew portraits of the person who sits opposite us.  There are lots of portraits of Queen Victoria!

Term 3 week 3

This week in history we have been learning about Victorian schools.  Did you know that there were no schools at the start of the Victorian times? Children had to go to work to earn some money for their families. They worked in coal mines, cloth factories, on the streets selling things and up chimneys! In 1872 Queen Victoria decided that all children should go to school.  Next week we are going to dress up as Victorian children and have a Victorian school day.

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