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Creepy Crawlies Arrive in Class 1!

At the beginning of term 4  an unusual package arrived in the post for Class 1.  Inside the package we found 33 Painted Lady caterpillars for us to look after.  Our first job was to transfer them to individual pots containing food.  We used a paintbrush so that we didn't hurt them.  They were only 1 cm long!  After two weeks we noticed that they had got much fatter and longer!  They had shed their skin and were now 4 cm long.  They were hairy and they had a white stripe along each side.  When we came to school on the Monday of week 5 we noticed that most of them had made a chrysalis and were hanging from the top of the lid.  We carefully moved them into the butterfly cage.  Sadly they hadn't changed into butterflies before the holidays so Mrs Newman has taken them home with her.  If anything happens she'll  post it on this website so watch this space!