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At Luckington, the curriculum is not just the traditional curricular subjects; it is everything that happens school from the minute the children step through the door in the morning until they go home. In fact, it stretches even further than this through extra curricular activities and home learning.


Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the children at Luckington.  It is our belief that our children will be the leaders, innovators, philanthropists and role models of the future. To achieve this, our curriculum is based around a set of values, decided on by the school community: resilience, honesty, positivity, compassion, respect, reflection and forgiveness. We believe that with these values in place, a child will be able to take the skills and knowledge they learn and use them effectively as they grow older. 

Our children have traditionally done well in meeting the expectations that the National Curriculum sets out, but the key is that we want our children to make exceptional progress from their starting points, rather than just good progress. To do this, they need to master each step of the curriculum as they go, always building on what they learned before.


Our curriculum is always evolving to meet the needs of the children and to ensure that it is relevant, always reflecting what is going on in the world. 


To find out more, please have a look at our curriculum policy and click on the links below.




Homework Presentation October 2020

Hi Everyone! Here's a video presentation about our approach to homework. I hope you find it useful! Mr C