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Forest School 2018-2019

At Forest School the children have enjoyed active outdoor games,

challenges and fun activities to enhance their classroom learning.

Take a look!



At some of our previous sessions...

On the High Seas!



Challanging the crew to create a compass
Oudoor science - food chain role play

A Taste of the Orient

Playing traditional Chinese games...

Outdoor Science - Materials Scavenger Hunt.

Grouping materials by their physical properties

Investigating Waterproof Materials and a Group Shelter Building Challenge

Different sheets of material were tested
but the tarp offered the best waterproof material
to construct shelter from the sudden 'rainstorm'!
The only group to successfully keep dry :)

We have also been learning about British mammals common to the area, in comparison with classroom learning about Chinese wildlife.

Sorting carnivores, herbivores & ominvores
by creating their own venn diagrams.
Role play - a shrew caravan!



Terms 1 & 2

What a Wonderful World!






Outdoor Maths - Measurement

Having made themselves a metre long Sammy Snake,
the children's challenge was to find an object
exactly 1m long. First a chain was discovered
& then a metre tall cow parsley stalk!

Environmental Self-portraits

Using mirrors to study their features
& the natural materials to hand
to create these amazing likenesses!

'Funnybones' - The Human Body

This time a team challenge;
to name parts of the human body
& create an environmental skeleton.

Exploring with our senses - sight

Looking very carefully to try & find exact matches
in nature of numerous shades of green.

Exploring with our senses - hearing

Creating sound maps.

Exploring with our senses - touch

Exploring different tree barks & their textures.
Perhaps smooth, lumpy, cracked; how does it feel?

Exploring with our senses - smell

Creating a woodland perfume & learning why animals
need their sense of smell, before laying a scent
trail for an animal to sniff when we have left!

Exploring with our senses - taste

Exploring sour, salty, sweet & bitter tastes.
Using a ghillie kettle to make hot chocolate &
then toasting marshmallows; a sweet treat!

Topic related active games & challenges

Mirror task: PE skills & co-ordination
Body parts challenge: PSHE & teamwork