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Forest School Sessions 2016 -17

At Forest School the children have enjoyed active outdoor games, challenges

 and fun activities to enhance their classroom learning.

Take a look!

The Victorians


Forest School Victorian Explorers

Investigating types of lichen which...
... enabled us to determine the quality of the air
Creative thinking; not a stone, a dinosaur tooth!
FA Cup theme; the first final took place in 1871
'First to the Ball' skills challenge
Drawing their adopted trees from memory &
then through close observation; Victorian style!




Learning how the weaving industry, amongst others, changed dramatically with the emergence of Victorian factories & the how the workers, which included children, operated in extremely poor conditions …

Active 'weaving' games to develop PE skills
Action 'weaving' songs
Preparing log looms for...
'Wild Weaving'; using the local natural resources


We won't let the wintery weather stop us enjoying our 'Icy Adventures' topic outdoors!



Directional language challenge.
Problem solving penguins; balancing on ice blocks,
trying to keep a penguin egg safe...
& taking it in turns to keep warm in a huddle
Reflecting on our learning & sharing experiences.
Investigating materials to discover...
how plastic litter affects our oceans & wildlife.
Finding signs of spring under the leaf litter
Indentifying early spring plants: a celendine
Environmental art...
sharing green hearts for climate change awareness
Learning about snowy owls...
& creating pine cone snowy owlets!
Exploring the environment for warm...
and cool colours.
Playing 'Freeze Tag'; an active team game
Creating cosy nests for mice to sleep on a cold...
winter day, so they save energy by being inactive.
Whittling a cooking stick...
to toast waffles!
Listening for spring sounds as the seasons change

Branching Out

Investigating how trees adjust for balance
& how roots reach extensively for stability
Choosing a tree to adopt & study this term
Measuring height & girth to calculate approx. age

Maths Investigation; data handling

Do all oak leaves have the same number of lobes?
Leaf Kebabs! Sorting by shape, size & colour

Close study & being creative

Discovering a special tree that matches their palm
Blindfold tree recognition challenge
Using mirrors to investigate the tree canopy
Finding tree faces & guessing how they are feeling
What a discovery; a camouflaged tree frog!
Learning why leaves fall & creating leaf art
There's no such thing as a gruffal....   ...OH!
Our human tree; drama to learn how a tree works

Tree themed active games & adventurous challenges

Leaf tarpaulin challenge
Tree type circle game
'Through the Forest' challenge

Outdoor English

A creative thinking & problem solving challenge..
to create a human alphabet.
Playground word challenges

Forest School Olympic Games

Including a 'treeathlon', pine cone
discus, frog long jump
& rope balance beam gymnastics!

Aaarrrggh me hearties! Pirate themed outdoor geography lessons, challenges & games...

Creating compasses from natural materials
Never Eat Slimy Worms =  N S E W !
Map making skills; X marks the spot!

Outdoor science & 'Chocolate' topic activities...

Using mud as a sculpting medium...
to create an amazing box of chocolates!
Challenged to arrange themselves into groups that will offer a plant everything it requires to grow sucessfully!
Growing grass seed to create wacky hairstyles!
Pancake Day campfire cooking!


Imagining a new creature that could join those terrible Loompaland beasts; the monster hornswogglers, snozzwangers & whangdoodles!

Designing & constructing a fitness trail using the natural landscape and resources to hand, complementing their classroom learning with regard to exercise and being healthy. They were encouraged to consider activities that would be fun and inspire children to exercise, but also effective in working all the muscle groups.

Team Building

The goal, to help each other & work together as a team to cross Willy Wonka's chocolate river! Using the natural resources to hand the children explored various methods, some rather more challenging than others!

This team created a very impressive bridge!
Whittling a cooking stick.
Toasting crumpets!
Music outdoors: investigating rhythm & pitch
Listening & developing independent learning skills
Looking closely at our local environment...
& creating nature bracelets
Texture bingo!
Investigating the variety of smells in nature