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Forest School Sessions 2016 -17

At Forest School the children have enjoyed active outdoor games, challenges

 and fun activities to enhance their classroom learning.

Take a look!

The Victorians


Forest School Victorian Explorers




Learning how the weaving industry, amongst others, changed dramatically with the emergence of Victorian factories & the how the workers, which included children, operated in extremely poor conditions …


We won't let the wintery weather stop us enjoying our 'Icy Adventures' topic outdoors!



Branching Out

Maths Investigation; data handling

Close study & being creative

Tree themed active games & adventurous challenges

Outdoor English

Forest School Olympic Games

Aaarrrggh me hearties! Pirate themed outdoor geography lessons, challenges & games...

Outdoor science & 'Chocolate' topic activities...


Imagining a new creature that could join those terrible Loompaland beasts; the monster hornswogglers, snozzwangers & whangdoodles!

Designing & constructing a fitness trail using the natural landscape and resources to hand, complementing their classroom learning with regard to exercise and being healthy. They were encouraged to consider activities that would be fun and inspire children to exercise, but also effective in working all the muscle groups.

Team Building

The goal, to help each other & work together as a team to cross Willy Wonka's chocolate river! Using the natural resources to hand the children explored various methods, some rather more challenging than others!