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Forest School

Led by Niki Walden
Level 3 Advanced Forest School Leader [Member of the Forest School Association]
& Outdoor Learning Specialist

A friendly, humorous approach that inspires participants through positive outdoor experiences;
enhancing the daily curriculum and offering exciting activities after school.
Children of all abilities develop key skills such as communication, problem solving, leadership, teamwork, appreciation of the contributions and achievements of themselves and others, whilst gaining positive attitudes to challenge and adventure, personal confidence and self-esteem,
in a safe, stimulating and creative environment. 

Currently Class 1 enjoy Forest School sessions on Tuesday afternoons 1.15-2.45pm,

taking their classroom curriculum outdoors!


Photographs of some of the many activities enjoyed at Forest School...

Picture 1 Learning how rooks build their unstructured nests
Picture 2 With time the sticks lodge in the branches.
Picture 3 The sheer joy of getting grubby!
Picture 4 3D Artwork - pine cone hedgehogs.
Picture 5 Autumn leaf art.
Picture 6 Concentration, anticipation or a bit of both?!
Picture 7 An environmental Art Project.
Picture 8 A campfire session in the grounds.
Picture 9 Tree climbing - managing risk & problem solving.
Picture 10 Constructing dormouse bridges.
Picture 11 Knots & lashing.
Picture 12 Toasting muffins!
Picture 13 Using natural pigments.
Picture 14 Creating natural artwork for Mother's Day.
Picture 15 Investigating camouflage.
Picture 16 Role play - the different parts of a tree.
Picture 17 Sowing & growing - funky grassapillars!
Picture 18 A teamwork challenge.
Picture 19 Whittling a cooking stick to toast hot cross buns.
Picture 20 Mud sculpting.
Picture 21 Drama - mini-beast movement!
Picture 22 Toolwork.
Picture 23 A beautiful Valentine's wreath!
Picture 24 Pounding the pigment from leaves & petals.
Picture 25 Investigating lichens.
Picture 26 Assessing how clean the air is in this area.
Picture 27 Creating bug B&B's!