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Chair of Governors & LA Governor Susan McCraith

Elected by Governing body & appointed by LA, Elected 20/6/17, Term of Office 20/6/20

Elected as Chair of Governors 17/9/19, Term of Office 16/9/2021

I have lived in Luckington for twenty years and served as Finance Governor before becoming Chair in September 2019. I joined as Governor to support our local School and help our children and the wider community. 


Parent Governor - Ben Russell

Co-opted governor,  Vice-chair,  Chair of the finance Committee, Elected 23/6/16, Term of office 22/6/20

I live locally in Alderton and have two children who attend Luckington school. I applied to become a governor as it gives me a great opportunity to be involved in their education whilst also supporting a key part of our local community. Working in IT I have a particular interest in technology, science and maths. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and making the most of the fantastic countryside we have around us.  


Headteacher - David Cook

Appointed 1/1/2019,  Ex-officio by virtue of office as headteacher

I am the headteacher of Luckington Community School and a member of the governing body. Over the years I have worked in a diverse range of schools throughout Wiltshire, both rural and urban. Luckington is an incredibly special school; we are at the heart of the local community and our relatively small size brings many benefits. It is a pleasure to work with our governing body who provide a good balance of support and challenge, ensuring that the school is always developing.


Parent Governor - Jane Henshall

Elected governor,  Elected 21/10/15, Term of office 20/10/19

I applied to be a governor because I am keen to be involved my daughter’s school. Our village school is such an asset to the community that supporting it feels very important to me. I have a primary teaching background which I hope will enable me to understand both the opportunities and the challenges that we encounter as a school community. I also hope that I can share my enthusiasm and excitement about children’s learning.


Co-opted Governor Katherine Fisher

Appointed by Governing body, Elected 21/11/17, Term of Office 20/11/21

My family and I moved to Luckington several years ago from Bristol and quickly realised what a special place, both the village and its school were. We value the fact that our four children are able to go to our local school. I became a governor in order to try to support something which is such an important  local amenity. I have a background in secondary education as an English teacher and also coach netball at Luckington. We, as a family, are also involved in several local sports clubs including football and hockey .


Staff Governor - Vanessa Newman

Elected governor  23/1/18, Term of Office 22/1/22

I teach in class one and I feel privileged to work in such an amazing school.  I am looking forward to supporting the governors and headteacher in the running of the school.I have two teenage sons and when I'm not at work I am usually on the side of a football pitch watching them play and referee matches.  I also enjoy walking and reading in my spare time.  


Associate Governor - Mark Milton 

Co-Opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body. Term of office 20/5/19

I live in Luckington and am married with two children. Working in public service and travelling away most days helps me appreciate what the village has to offer, particularly the school. I began my association with it when my youngest daughter became a pupil. Her time here demonstrated to me its many strengths and continuing to be part of the school as a governor is very rewarding.


Parent Governor Jen Hodges

Appointed by Governing body, Elected 12/3/19, Term of Office 11/3/23

My family moved to Luckington 3 years ago and I feel privileged to be a parent Governor in such an inclusive and inspirational school at the heart of our village.  I have two children who attend the school, one has special needs and it is my knowledge and passion for SEN that bought me to join the Governors. Therefore, it  is important to me that as Governors we ensure all the children reach their potential and enjoy getting there.



Previous Staff Governor: Gwen Pennington resigned 10/11/17

Previous Parent Governor:  Marc Hinton resigned 31/8/18

Previous Associate Governor: Lesley Bennett term ended 20/5/19

Previous Parent Governor: Laura Marshman, term ended 20/10/18



Governors 1 Susan McCraith
Governors 2 Ben Russell
Governors 3 David Cook
Governors 4 Jane Henshall
Governors 5 Vanessa Newman
Governors 6 Katherine Fisher
Governors 7 Mark Milton