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Luckington Pre-School

Luckington Pre-School is a pre-school on the site of Luckington Community School. For decades the pre-school and school were separate entities but shared the same site and worked closely together. 


During the academic year 2018/19 the school was approached by the committee of the pre-school and asked to consider bringing the pre-school under its leadership; with a view to sustain the long term future of the pre-school.


Luckington Pre-School is an established and much loved part of our community and over many years has had a fundamental part to play in ensuring that the children make a successful start to primary school; forming learning habits that stay with them throughout life.


For these reasons, during late 2019 and into 2020, the school entered a period of due diligence and consultation, with a view to bringing the pre-school under the school’s ‘umbrella’ by September 2020. 


Being a small school (only 56 pupils on roll, with two full time teachers), it was concluded that the best model for sustaining the pre-school would be to adopt a ‘governor-led’ structure. In a nut shell, this means that the parent-led pre-school committee is replaced with a sub-committee of the school’s governing body.


The school and pre-school remain separate in most ways, for example, it is funded in an entirely different way from the school and has separate financial systems and bank accounts. Where they overlap and where expertise allows, certain areas of responsibility are disseminated to the governing body. A significant example of this, is that the headteacher, as a governor, is responsible for the monitoring of standards within the pre-school. However, in general, day to day, the pre-school runs separately from the school.


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