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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


Here at Luckington School, as well as covering the statutory national curriculum, we want our pupils to enjoy their learning and we aim to inspire a love of learning that will stay with them for life.  We achieve this by making our curriculum:



Active - We often plan through questions that the children generate themselves. We aim to use the outdoors and the local environment as much as we can.                                                                                               Creative - Termly learning themes are planned across the whole school to link subjects wherever possible to a

whole-school learning theme. (We will not contrive to link subjects if we feel it will hamper pupils'

understanding). Our teachers enjoy planning and teaching in this way and their enthusiasm is passed on

to the pupils.


Engaging - Topics for our learning themes are chosen to appeal to our pupils and are often suggested by them. We

find that their learning always goes beyond that which is planned!

Meaningful - By linking subjects as much as we can, we give our pupils a context for their learning that makes it

more engaging and gives it more depth, for example in the topic 'Ice Adventures' the pupils write

 newspaper reports about Ernest Shackleton's expedition in literacy, learn about forces and changing

states of material in science and apply this knowledge to design and make a sledge in design and


Challenging - A creative curriculum works especially well in our mixed-age classes, as a pupil's understanding is

naturally extended by exposure to the learning that older pupils are engaged in.  


Our learning themes have been adapted to ensure coverage of the new national curriculum, introduced in 2014.


You can see it here:

The National Curriculum

Parents are sent a topic overview at the start of each new learning theme.

Here is an example of some of our learning themes and a topic overview:

Learning Themes

Topic Overview for parents

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