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Visit to Sevington School

On Thursday 18th May we went back in time and became Victorian school children for the day at Sevington School.  We all dressed up as Victorian children and teachers.  The bell rang at 10 O'clock and we had to line up separately in  boys and  girls lines.  We then had to pay a penny to the teacher for the coal for the fire and oil for the lamps.  We then walked into the classroom and sat in rows facing the front.  The boys had to remove their caps as they entered the classroom.  Our teacher, Miss squire took the register and we had to call her M'am!   We said a prayer and sang 'All things bright and beautiful'. Four children were chosen as monitors and they gave out the equipment.We had a lesson together learning how to write on slates.  We then had a maths lesson.  The boys and girls were then separated.  The girls looked in the parlor, the kitchen and the wash room and learned how to do domestic jobs. They also made a lavender bag. The boys looked at the garden and the bee hives and made a bees wax candle.  Next, we went back into the classroom for lunch.  We had all bought a Victorian lunch wrapped in brown paper.  After lunch we played outside with typical Victorian toys and games.  At the end of the day we recited a poem, and looked at object from different countries. We also learned about different punishments the schools had! We then said a prayer and went home.