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"Every human is an artist." 

Don Miguel Ruiz

Over their time at Luckington, we aim to ensure that all children develop their ability to express themselves creatively through a range of media.


We not only believe that art is natural way for people to express themselves and communicate, we also see it as an effective tool in maintaining positive mental health. Our aim is to give the children experience in creating art in as many different media and styles as possible not only so they can develop their skills, but also to help them find that 'spark'. Art is not just about drawing or painting; it's about being able to express yourself and that can be done in a number of ways.


At Luckington, we believe art is best taught in 'blocks'. Therefore, every term the children will do an art topic, but it is often done in a series of afternoons over the space of a week or two. We have chosen this approach because we feel that the children can become fully immersed in a topic, rather than having a series of short, disjointed lessons. 

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