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Class 1 Blog 2022-2023

Term 6 week 6

On Monday we went to Forest School in the park and we made a lovely butterfly.  We used a board, a hammer, some tissue, some fabric and some leaves.  We put some leaves in between the fabric and the tissue and we banged them with a hammer and it made a beautiful pattern.  Then Mrs Walden put a peg in the middle for the body.  On Tuesday we performed our play at 2 O'clock and at half past five.  It was exciting but tiring. What a good job we did! 

On Thursday the Year 2's went to Class 2 for the afternoon while the new Reception children came for their last visit before they start school.

Term 6 week 5

This week we have started practising our play.  It is called 'Time Lord' and it is about a group of children travelling in time.  On Friday afternoon we had our dress rehearsal ready for our performance on Tuesday.  

Term 6 week 4

On Tuesday our new Reception children came over for a visit and we did Activity Wall with them.  At the same the Year 2's went to Class 2 to see what it was like to be a Year 3. On Wednesday the whole school went to the field for Sport's Day.  We did lots of different races for example a running race, a skipping race,  a ball and spoon race, an obstacle race and a relay race.  Also, red team won the cup!  On Thursday a lady came in to play some music games and to teach us some songs.  Did you know she was a professional singer?


Term 6 week 3

This week on Monday Class 1 and Class 2 went on a school trip to The Athelstan Museum in Malmesbury so we could learn about the Romans.  We worked in groups and we did mosaics, we looked at Roman coins in the museum that had been found under the ground with a metal detector, we learned about Roman food, we looked at Roman artefacts, we walked around the town to think about what it was like a long time ago and we went upstairs in the museum to find out more about the Romans.  Finally we had lunch!  In the afternoon we played a game and dressed up as Romans.  What a spectacular and exhausting trip! Do you think you would like to go there too?

Term 6 week 2

This week we finished our garden poems in English.  They were spectacular! It is walk to school week so we were trying to get everybody to have an active journey to school.  On Thursday everybody in Class 1 walked, cycled, scooted or parked and strode to school! On Friday Mrs Butler walked all the way from Hullavington! 

Term 6 week 1

In English we have been learning a poem called 'In My Garden'.  We went outside and we used our senses to get some ideas.  Then we wrote our poems.  In Science we have been learning about materials.  We went outside and searched for things under mud, sand and bark.  We used metal detectors to find things made from metal.

Term 5 week 5

The Year 2s have been doing their SATs booklets.  They were tricky and some of us thought they were fun!  We also made pictures inspired by the author and illustrator Eric Carle.  We used paper we had printed and stuck pieces on to make collages of The Tiny Seed story.  They look so beautiful!  We have observed that our sunflowers have grown a little bit more and some of them now have six leaves.  Finally, Eliza's has grown!


Term 5 week 4

We have been observing our sunflower plants and this week we noticed that most of them have four leaves but some have only just started growing. How surprising! They have also grown much taller.  Jacquetta's plant was the tallest. It was 23cm tall.  On Tuesday Imogen and Jack's mum came to talk about keeping animals healthy because she is a veterinary nurse.  We learned only to give our pets a small treat.  

Term 5 week 3

On Tuesday Martin and Amber came in to show us how to do metal detecting to find out what's beneath our feet.  We found a spoon, some coins, some pottery, a screw, a bull dog clip, a paper clip and something mysterious which Martin thought might have been the top of a grenade!  Our sunflower plants now have a stalk and two leaves. Sadly five still haven't grown.  Jack's was the tallest.  It was 18cm.  Hattie's was the shortest.  It is 4cm.  Today we are celebrating the King's coronation by having a street party and making Coronation mugs.

Term 5 week 2

On Monday we were learning about healthy food so we made fruit kebabs because they're healthy.  They were delicious! On Friday three of the shoots of our sunflower plants started pushing through the soil.  How exciting! Sadly we couldn't go swimming this week because one of the swimming teachers was poorly. What a shame!

Term 5 week 1

On Tuesday somebody cam in to tell us how to be safe on the road. On Thursday we planted a sunflower seed.  First we got a pot and we put some compost in it.  Next we got a seed and we planted it in a hole in the soil.  Then we watered it.  We put them inside where it is warm and sunny.  What will the seeds do next?  Year 2's also set up an experiment to see if the sunflowers will grow if they don't have water, sun, heat and soil.  Do you think they will grow?  Today we are going swimming at the Activity Zone in Malmesbury.

Term 4 week 6

This week we have been designing and making a cup for Mumble's family in Antarctica to keep their hot chocolate warm! First we got a cup and we chose a material to stick on it.  After we chose a material to make a lid. Then we made a handle.  We worked out that stuffing, fleece and tin foil were the best materials. On Monday a group of people from an orchestra came in to play their instruments and talk about them. Today the Easter Bunny came early so we all found an egg and we went into the hall to eat them.

Term 4 week 5

On Tuesday we had Lots of Socks Day when we wore lots of different kinds of socks. We did this to celebrate that we are all unique.  This week we have earned a class treat because Mumble has visited all of the countries in the United Kingdom! How amazing! We are thinking about what we are going to do.  On Thursday in PE we had the large apparatus out and we made up sequences which included shape, travel, shape, travel, shape.  We took turns on each piece of apparatus. 

Term 4 week 4

On Tuesday a visitor called Andrew came from The Wiltshire Air Ambulance to talk to us about what to do if someone gets really ill.  He taught us how to put someone in the recovery position and how to call 999. He showed us pictures of the helicopter that they use.  This week we have been making Mother's Day cards because it's Mother's Day on Sunday.  Today it is Comic Relief Day so we came to school wearing our clothes inside out or back to front.  How funny!

Term 4 week 3

On Wednesday it snowed so we wrote snow poems using amazing adjectives, verbs and adverbs. In History we have also been making timelines about Ernest Shackleton's life. Did you know that he was born in Ireland and in 1904 he married Emily Dornan?

Term 4 week 2

We had world book week this week.  On Monday we bought in our favourite book from home and read it with our reading buddy from Class 2. On Tuesday the teachers bought in their favourite stories and read them to us.  On Wednesday we went to the library and chose our favourite non-fiction book and made a poster of it to encourage other people to read it. On Thursday we had world book day breakfast while our mummies, daddies, big brothers and grannies read to us. After school we had a second hand book sale. What an amazing week!

Term 4 week 1

Did you know that there has been a huge, terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria? How terrifying for those people! Today we are doing a cake sale and having a non uniform day to raise money for those people.  School Council wanted to raise £50 to give them a house for two families. If we raise another  £25 we can also  provide two blankets.

Term 3 week 6

This week we made our colourful ice sculptures. First we chose a shady place outside to assemble our ice sculpture so they wouldn't melt!  After that we started building them with a partner.  Then we improved them by adding some things from nature.  Soon we changed our beautiful sculptures into even more amazing sculptures! 

Term 3 week 5

After Uncle Penguin talked to us about penguins we have started making penguin fact sheets. Would you like to come to Class 1 to read them and find out more about penguins? In art we found out about the artist Andy Goldsworthy who makes sculptures out of natural materials.  He even made a sculpture out of ice and snow at the North Pole!  We made some ice blocks with coloured water and we are going to use them to make our own ice sculptures.  We have sketched some ideas in our sketch books. 

Term 3 week 4

On Friday Hattie's Uncle Will (A.K.A  Uncle Penguin!) came to teach us about penguins.  Did you know that he lived in Antarctica for one year filming penguins? We learned that penguins huddle together to keep warm so we huddled together like penguins! We also found out that there are eighteen different types of penguin.  We discovered that Emporer penguins find a mate by bowing to each other and by making a funny noise! While he was in Antarctica Will and his friends rescued some penguins that got separated from their colony. 

Term 3 week 3 

Last week we made some ice decorations.  First we got a pot and we went outside to find something natural to put in it. Then we put some water in. Next we added some string.  After we took them outside and we left them overnight to see if they froze but sadly  they didn't so we put them in the freezer! Soon they froze because the freezer is colder than outside.  Once they froze we hung them outside and predicted how many days they would last.  Most of them lasted two days but the ones that were in the sunlight lasted one day.

Term 3 week 2

In Science we have been learning about animals that live in Antarctica and labelling the different parts of their body. We have also learned which group of animals they belong too such as mammals, fish, insects, reptiles, birds and amphibians. On Wednesday we started writing informal letters to Mumble. We hope she will write a letter back to us! 

Term 3 week 1

Last week we found a penguin in our outdoor classroom! She had a label around her neck and it said "Help me. I am lost." Her name is Mumble and she wrote us a letter.  Luckily Reuben can talk penguin and that's how we found out that Mumble is a girl.  We found out that penguins live in a cold place called Antarctica.

Term 2 week 6

This week we have been doing our maths altogether and we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. On Monday we started practising our Christmas play in the hall on the stage!  On Thursday we wore Christmas jumpers to school to raise money for 'Save the Children'.  Shockingly, the temperature was -2 degrees celcius on Thursday so we were warm and toasty in our jumpers!

Term 2 week 5

On Tuesday we went to the library bus and we borrowed some books.  Last week we started making our boats and some people will make them this week.  We used plastic, tin foil, wooden sticks, cellophane, leaves and paper.  We joined them together with the hot glue gun!  Today it is the 1st of December and we've got an advent calendar in our classroom. 

Term 2 week 4

In Design Technology we are going to be designing and making boats.  We have been thinking about which material would be best.  We tested them by putting them in water.  We found out that wood, plastic, tin foil, leaves and cellophane were the best materials because they didn't absorb the water and they didn't sink!  On Wednesday an author told us about his books.  His name was Gareth P James and he wrote stories called Rabunzel, Snowy White and Cindergorilla! He also sang some songs to us.

Term 2 week 3

This week is anti-bullying week.  In assembly we learned that we need to reach out to teachers, teaching assistants, our families and our friends if we are being bullied or if we see someone being bullied.  On Friday we are celebrating Children in Need by having a non uniform day and we are having a 'Design a new bandana for Pudsey' competition.

Term 2 week 2

We have had a very busy week! On Monday we had a visitor called Richard who came to talk to us about our digital life and how to keep safe online.  On Tuesday we went on a school trip to Trowbridge to a science fair where we did lots of science activities.  On Thursday some children went to a Tops Activity PE festival and they did different sports like tennis, curling, football and basketball.  

Term 2 week 1

We have had a busy week.  We went to the library bus and we had our photos taken.  In assembly we learned about a festival celebrating Diwali the festival of light and in singing assembly we have started practising Christmas songs! On Saturday it will be Bonfire Night.  In PSHE we learned how to stay safe on November 5th.  Are you going to Bonfire Night?

Term 1 week 6

This week we have been practising some songs and a poem for our Harvest Festival  to say thank you to the farmers.  We are going to perform it on Friday afternoon.  In Geography we have been drawing maps of our trip to the river and we have labelled the geographical features that we saw there. 

Term 1 week 5

This week we went to the library bus and the Reception children chose a book for the first time.  We have also been writing stories about a magical stick and we have been trying to use adjectives to make them more exciting! Miss Werner has been teaching us to count up to ten in German. We are really good at it!

Term 1 week 4

Two visitors came to our playground to teach us some new games.  Our favourite game was called snake.  One person had to try to tag us and if we got tagged we had to join on to them to make a snake.  Then the snake tried to tag everyone.  On Friday we went down through the church yard to the river and Conrad's  Mum taught us how to do sketching.  Then we did our own sketching.

Term 1 week 3

The Reception children have stayed all day this week! They have done PE and Forest School  with us. This week a new teacher from Germany came to visit for three weeks and she is called Miss Werner.  We have another visitor called Fleur who helps us with our work.

Term 1 week 2

This Wednesday a visitor called Lynn came in to talk about our bodies and being healthy.  We learned that we need 5 things to keep our bodies healthy.  They are exercise, healthy food, water, sleep and oxygen.  We also learned that we breathe using our lungs and we breathe out carbon dioxide! Our new reception children have stayed for lunch this week too.

Term 1 week 1

The new Reception children came to school for the first time on Wednesday.  They all liked it! We have two new teachers in the afternoon who are Mrs Farahar and Mrs McQueen.  We have all changed year groups and we have all switched tables!  Our new topic is called 'Down by the Riverside' and we are also learning about plants and trees.


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