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Meet the Team

Mr Cook (Headteacher) Mr Cook is the Headteacher. He is Designated Safeguarding Lead, Designated Teacher for Looked After Children, Lead Teacher for Disadvantaged Children and Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

Mrs Newman (Senior Teacher) Mrs Newman is our Class 1 teacher. She is also Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and is in charge of P.E., English and science, amongst many other things!

Mrs Kirkham (Teacher ) Mrs Kirkham is our Class 2 teacher.


Mrs Wood (Teaching Assistant) Mrs Wood supports children in Class 1.

Miss Schrader (Teaching Assistant) Miss Schrader supports children in Class 2. She also runs a cookery club.


Mrs Moriarty (Teaching Assistant) Mrs Moriarty supports children in Class 1 in the mornings.


Mrs Bleaken and Mrs Snell Mrs Bleaken and Mrs Snell serve lunches and keep our kitchen in good order. Both also have a number of other important roles in our school!


Mrs Martin (Admin and Finance Officer) Mrs Martin works in the mornings and is in charge of admin and finance.