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Whole School Blog 2021-2022

Friday 24th September 2021


Every day the children at Luckington make us proud. However, earlier this week, there was one event that really encapsulated what makes our school so special.


Our Year 5/6 football team took part in a tournament in Malmesbury with our local cluster schools. As you know, we are a very small school (one of the smallest in the county!) but that did not stop us getting to the final - unbeaten. The boys had so many shots on goal, but the opposition, Malmesbury Primary, won one-nil.


Here are the results:


Group Stage 

Luckington 2 - 0 Sherston

Luckington 1 - 1 St Joseph's

Luckington 3 - 1 Lea and Garsdon 

Luckington 2 - 1 Minety 




Luckington 1 - 0 Crudwell 




Luckington 0 - 1 Malmesbury


Well done to all the boys for their amazing attitude - we are so proud of them!

Friday 16th September 2021


Another fantastic week here at Luckington! We now have two trained Play Leaders: Will and Ellie-Rose. On Wednesday they visited Malmesbury School for their training and came back full of ideas. It's great to see such maturity in our Year 6s; they're a great example for all the younger children.


A massive thank you to Cathy and FOLS for organising two great events last weekend. Our BBQ was a great success - it was great to see lots of little people from Pumpkins there! We also raised over £1000 at Castle Combe Car Boot sale. Thank you to everyone involved.


Mr Cook



Thursday 9th September 2021


What a wonderful start to term we've had!


It has made me so happy to see the children mixing again; we've missed this over the past 18 months.


We've got lots of exciting things coming up in the next few months including: the Space Dome; 'Safer Internet' workshops for pupils and parents; Bath Rugby; and the return of Mr Weeks and Gym Run.


Mr Cook


12.07.21 - Nearly there...


Well, it's been some time since we last wrote a blog entry! However, despite the turbulence of the last year or so, we've continued to do lots of exciting things.


Last week we had a guitar workshop with @jackdawsmusic. The children played instruments alongside two guitarists and enjoyed it very much.


The week before, we had an opera workshop where we learned to sing Toreador from Carmen and Nessun Dorma; the hair on the back of our neck was definitely standing up!


Sports' Day was a great success and Blue Team won; the trophy has been firmly in the hands of Yellow Team for a number of years, so well done Blues!



29.11.19 - A Busy Autumn Term!


We've had a very busy term so far, with lots more to come! We marked Anti-Bullying Week with a virtual reality workshop looking at some real life situations. We had to discuss what the right thing to do was and how important it was to tell someone if we are ever bullied.


This week we had a visit from Janet and her guide dog Acorn. Janet explained how important guide dogs are and how she trained Acorn. It was really interesting.


Children in Need was a great day; we all dressed up in our bedtime clothes, did a colouring competition and a 'guess the sweets in the jar' competition. We managed to raise nearly £200.

We also said hello and goodbye to Shania, our Swiss student.


As usual we have done plenty of sports tournaments: cross county, football, netball and tag rugby.


Both of us are really looking forward the to the nativity and our Christmas party at the Ship!



07.10.19 - Rugby and Football Festivals


Over the past few weeks, Year 5 and 6 have played in both rugby and football tournaments. We did extremely well in both and represented our school brilliantly.


The rugby festival was brilliant but it wasn't the nicest of days - we won three matches, drew two and lost two. We all had a great time even though it was raining and very cold!

Football was also great - we won most of our games, but a scoring mistake meant that we didn't make the quarter finals. Once the referees had added our scores up, they realised that we should have made it to the finals but by then it was too late - most of us had gone home!

Fergus and Jack


20.09.19 - Tomb Raiders


Becky, our R.E. teacher, came in to school on Wednesday and said that we were going down to the church yard. When got there, we watched 5 men put a piece of stone on a grave. It was incredibly heavy - 350 kg! There were people buried about 6 feet underneath.


The man told us that there was wood under the stone and he asked us how we thought they'd take the wood out. It turns out they use sort of 'sugar cubes'. They then pour hot water on the sugar cubes. 


Year 3 and 4 looked inside the church while Year 5 and 6 stayed outside. We looked at some holy artifacts like the font - we wrote about it and drew pictures too.


Afterwards we went out to the graveyard and learnt a bit more about the graves. We saw all the decorations on each and every one of the graves. The man told us to take a bit of actual gold and when we rubbed our fingers, it disappeared! He said that in the olden days if a person was rich, when they died, they would have 23 carat gold sprinkled on them!

Tom and Jake

16.09.18 Switzerland


This week, we have been learning about Switzerland. We are lucky enough to have a Swiss teaching student to coming to our school for the next few weeks.


Mr Cook  split us up into groups. He set up very fun activities.


The first activity was to make cuckoo clocks. Mrs Newman helped us make them from cardboard. They were a house shape with spinning handles for the clock face. Underneath we made a little door with a paper bird inside.


We then did some cooking - delicious Swiss snacks. Each group made something different with Miss Schrader. We made a cheese tart, the second group made a chocolate tart, the third group make potato rosti and the final group made custard tartlets. 


For our third activity, Mrs Kirkham told us a traditional Swiss story. We had to act out the story and add music.


We also did some map work with Mr Cook. Some of the maps we drew were amazing and we learned lots of interesting facts about Switzerland. 


By William and George

08.07.19 Bristol Museum


At 9:30 am on Friday we got on a coach and went to Bristol Museum. When we arrived we put our bags on a trolley. We then went off in our groups to look around the museum.


We looked at dinosaurs, paintings and stuffed animals. At 11:30 we all met up and ate lunch. 


Once we had finished we did a workshop on the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We looked at old axe heads and how they had changed over thousands of years. 




At the end of the day we all got back on the bus - what a lot we learned!


By Barney and Rory



03.07.19 Art of Science 2019


When we got to the university we met a lady called Dr Joanne. We looked at an exhibition called the Art of Science which had had our pictures in it! You can see them in the picture below.



We looked at the children's ones and the ones by sophisticated artists. We had to vote for our favourites.













After that we made gigantic brain neurons from pipe cleaners with Dr J. We then when went to look at a huge microscope called an electron microscope with Dr Sally Hobson. She showed us some pictures of extremely close up items and we had to work out what they were. Here is one, can you guess what it is?



This is a picture of broccoli but magnified thousands of times!


Next we went to a laboratory and looked at lots of animal skulls. We use coloured paper and lights to make them look like they were shining different colours. It was quite spooky! Joanne then took us back upstairs to look through some microscopes and draw pictures of what we saw.


We finished our day by having lunch and ice-cream in the university gardens before playing in the mirror maze. What a great day we had!


By Nico and Grace

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