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Class 2 Blog 2021-2022

Thursday 21st July

On Thursday, our Year 6 children were treated to a day at Barri Island in Wales! They came back with exciting tales of going on frightening rides and playing in the arcade. A massive 'thank you' goes out to parents for organising this trip!


Whilst Year 6 were out, the rest of the class took part in outdoor learning activities with Mrs. Walden from Sherston Shrews. We played lots of fun games and made insect dens. 


Thursday was a great day for us all!

Wednesday 20th July

On Wednesday we performed our play, 'Darwin Rocks'! It complimented our science work on evolution perfectly. We worked extremely hard to learn our lines and the catchy songs. Many of of us rose to the challenge of singing solo parts! Everyone said that it was amazing and it was great fun to do after Co-vid had put a stop to live productions.

Friday 15th July


On Friday we had a visit from the Zoolab. We learnt about many exotic and unusual creatures, as well as having the opportunity to hold them!

Wednesday 6th July to Friday 8th July

 On Wednesday, our Year 6 children headed off to Braeside for their residential trip. There were a wide variety of activities to do throughout our educational visit: the crate tower challenge, kayaking, climbing and taking the leap of faith from an eight metre high rail!

The meals were amazing! The ice-cream was definitely the best!

We all had such a lovely time. The perfect end to our time at primary school.

Tuesday 28th June


On Tuesday, Alex Evelyn, a local author came into school to tell us about where she got her inspiration from to write her new book: The Secret Wild. She told us about her grandad teaching her about plants and when her daughter bought a plant from a local sale and wanted to name it! This gave her the idea for her book.

She told us lots about some interesting plants. Alex then explained to us about how tricky it was to write a book and how it eventually gets published. She showed us the long process on how to make it happen including: getting an agent, an illustrator, a publisher and then finally selling it. We had the chance to act out each part: Dressing up was fun! Dancing with a singing cactus at the end was a great way to end her visit! We all enjoyed seeing her - it was a pleasure to have her come in!

Friday 24th June


On Friday was our Sports' Day. Each team (Red, Yellow, Blue and Green) took part in year group races and events, including sprinting, relay, egg and spoon, skipping, obstacles, jumping and throwing. Red team came 1st with 116 points: This was the first time in 14 years!  Closely behind were Green with 115 points! Everyone did spectacularly well! At the end, we all had ice lollies! We also presented our year 6 with their leavers' jumpers.

We then invited parents back to school for tea and cake.


Week commencing 20th June 2022


On Wednesday, the Year 6 children entered an athletics competition at Malmesbury School. There were track events and field events (hurdles, discus, javelin, shot put and long jump). There were 12 different schools and we were thrilled to find out that we came FIRST! As ever, we only had 9 children enter, compared to 60 children from other schools! This made out victory even more impressive! We had lots of first place and second place finishers amongst the many events. We had fun meeting different children from the other primary schools, although some we already knew.


On Thursday afternoon, a maths teacher from Malmesbury Secondary School came in to teach Year 6 a maths  lesson. We found out about our maths journey during Malmesbury and even looked at some students' books. We are really excited about our maths lessons next year!


Week Commencing Monday 6th June


Last week, was the first week back after half term. It was an exciting week as we entered a  Year 5/6 cricket tournament. We had lots of fun playing all of our games and enjoyed ourselves very much. Amazingly, this was our first competition where all of the year 5 and 6 children could compete. One of our teams scored the highest number of runs within a game!


Our play rehearsals are underway! We are excited to finally be putting on a performance after Co-vid!


On Friday, it was our Open Day where we invited people to look around our school.


We finished our week off with 'Ice-Cream Friday'!  We were really excited by its return - It was very yummy!


Week Beginning 23rd May


What a busy week! Our last week in the term was jam packed with learning and activities.


This week we have been looking at the work of Henri Rousseau. After finding out about his life and achievements, we based our paintings on his work! Many of us used his painting 'Surprised' to incorporate tigers in our art.


On Wednesday, we had our grand opening of the reading den with a Jubilee twist. We invited parents in to share stories with us, whilst enjoying cakes that class one made in their maths lesson. The rain made it a very 'British' celebration, but this didn't dampen our spirits! We have already used it a lot during playtime and can't wait to continue to spend time in there lost in or sharing a book.


We ended our week with a trip to the park with Mrs. Walden, from Sherston Shrews, for outdoor learning activities. We had fun transforming ourselves into superheroes, using our powers to save our planet; we then filmed our dramatisations of this! We also helped to tidy our community by  litter picking, not to mention playing games. 

Week Beginning 16th May

The week started with a surprise visit from the community police officers, Juliet and John. We all thought that we were going to get arrested; thankfully, they told us about their role in the community and how they help us stay safe.


On Wednesday, we took part in the Malmesbury School Tennis Festival. We each played 2 games each against a similar age and ability opponent .Overall we came 6th! We all had great fun!

Week Beginning Monday 9th May


This week was SATs week! We trekked through each test, always trying our best! We started each day with a special breakfast at school to set us up for success! After our final test, we were treated to a trip to the park - we deserved it! It is such a relief and we are looking forward to our last couple of months at primary school.


Week Beginning 2.5.22

At the weekend, our equestrian team entered a NSEA show jumping competition. It was the final qualifier for the Championships at Hickstead! As a team we came second in our first class of 40cm jumps, and in our second class, we came fifth. It was an amazing day!


On Tuesday, our choir went to the Young Voices Concert. We had fun singing all our songs with a huge choir of over 5,500 children - the largest choir in the world! It was great to see our parents watch us perform. The introductory song was very dramatic and the stage lighting was amazing! We also used mini torches during the concert, making it a fantastic starry scene! We all had such lovely time!

W/C Monday 25th April


We were pleased to see all our friends again after the Easter holidays, and are excited to start our new topic on The Rainforests. 


The year 5 and 6s have started learning about evolution in their science lessons.


In English, we have been writing suspense stories.


Due to co-vid we haven’t been able to go swimming but this week we were welcomed back to the Activity Zone in Malmesbury. We started with front crawl and backstroke to see which groups we needed to be in next week.  


We are really excited about our new reading den. They have constructed it outside; all that is left to complete is, furnishing and decorating it. We can’t wait to use it!


Friday 8th April

What a fun week!


On Monday, Louise Jordan, a singer, song writer came into school to help us compose a song about the importance of well-being. We had to create different rhythms and played several patterns in unison to create different layers to our song. We then had a chance to write some lyrics and performed these as a call and response song.

We also enjoyed listening and appraising sea shanties. These were fun and widened our knowledge of different music genres.


On Tuesday, we were treated to croissants and hot chocolate!

On Wednesday, Mrs. Walden from Sherston Shrews, took us to the park for outdoor learning activities, playing games and loving nature!

On Friday was 'Well-Being Day'. This day celebrated the importance of 'down-time', and to develop our understanding of looking after our 'whole self' - our physical and mental health. Class One and Class Two came together to have the opportunity to  carry out a variety of different activities throughout the day. These included: den building, outside water colour painting and sketching, clay modelling, music and colouring, sewing, fitness class and making construction kits.

Our activities were briefly interrupted by a visit from the Easter bunny, who left us chocolate eggs scattered around the school grounds for us all to find! 

Many of us also entered an Easter colouring competition and won some delicious Easter eggs.

It was such a lovely day and a perfect end to the term.

Friday 1st April


On Tuesday, two of our classmates brought back a selection of French pates from their holiday to try. Mrs. Farahar’s husband made us some bread for it to go on - it was delicious!

Some of us haven’t had pate before, so it was nice to try something new.


In the afternoon, we enjoyed listening to Fran, who came in to tell us about working in a museum and being a historian. She taught us about how historians repair artefacts and showed us some of the equipment, including an angled brush made from hog and badger fur and a sponge. 


We ended the week, coming into school wearing blue and yellow to raise money for all those in Ukraine.


Friday 25th March

We started the week by all coming into school wearing fancy and colourful socks to raise awareness to Down's Syndrome. We all looked great!


On Tuesday, Ian Valentine came in to class to speak about the importance of words and writing. He taught us how to make our words more interesting and hook in readers. He spoke about ghost writing, tone of voice, copy writing, journalism and the work of authors. We all wrote the headline and opening to a newspaper article explaining why Jack really did fall down the hill - Jill wasn't as innocent as we first thought!


On Wednesday, Years 3 and 4 entered a football tournament. In the group matches, we came second and overall we came 4th! This was our best result yet for the Years 3 and 4s! We all tried our best and had a lovely time!


On Thursday, Paul from Young Engineers came into school to teach us about the skills of engineers: designing, building and maintaining. We had the chance to build a spinning top launcher out of Lego. We used a motor, batteries and gears. We investigated how we could modify the spinning top to make it faster or spin for longer by altering the gears and Lego design.

Our fun packed week was rounded off with a pilates session. Anna (our instructor) told us about the origins of pilates before she guided us through some positions and moves. We all felt very relaxed, despite working every muscle in our bodies - it's a lot more difficult than we first thought! Thank you, Anna!

Friday 18th March


On Monday we had a zoom call with the author, Joseph Coelho. He told is about how he was inspired to write and gave us ideas to inspire our imagination to write poetry, as well as creating stories by modifying fairytales.


In science we have been exploring forces that are around us and taking photographs of examples of those found around our school. 


On Friday, was Red Nose Day. We donated money to the charity and came to school dressed in our brightest clothes, red noses and diddlibops! We also took part in a competition to design a new red nose. It was a fun end to the week.

Friday 11th March

Our week was rounded off by having the author and illustrator, Hannah Shaw come to visit our school. She told us all about her work and where she gets her inspiration from for her stories and illustrations. Hannah also taught us how to draw characters she has created. At the end of the session we were able to buy signed copies of some of her books.

Yesterday, we had our school trip to SS Great Britain. We were amazed at how gigantic it was, measuring 101m long and 15m wide! We were told many facts about Brunel and the ship on our guided tour. When we explored the museum, we went into his 'mind' by watching a video about his journey towards his achievements and the difficulties he had to overcome on the way. We all had a workshop where we had the chance to dress up in Victorian clothes and examine objects and artefacts that would have been on the ship. We enjoyed playing with the different toys (including the flick books) and writing using the dip pens. We all had such a lovely day!

Tuesday 8th March


Today, we had our school photograph taken. We were put into small groups to 'strike a pose', ready to be put together to make a whole school photograph. We all made sure that we were smart and tidy!


In our French lesson, we had a French Cafe where we tasted lots of yummy French food. We had to rate each product out of ten - how it smelt, what it looked like and how it tasted. We all had different favourite foods; most of us enjoyed the sweeter ones. It was very enjoyable!



Friday 4th March


Throughout the week we have been celebrating World Book Day! Each day we did different activities including: sharing a book with our reading buddies, listening to a variety of stories told by all our teachers, swapping books and bringing in story props for others to guess the story it is found in. The week was rounded off with a reading breakfast cafe, where we invited parents in to read to groups of children, whilst we devoured lots of toast and hot chocolate served to us by our teachers! We all enjoyed it very much!

In our English lessons we have written letters, inviting our favourite story characters for tea. 

On Thursday, we also had a fire safety talk to help us understand the dangers of fire and how we can prevent them from happening. We made excellent detectives locating the different hazards displayed in the images, as well as working out the causes of a fire from listening to the evidence of the people involved.

Wednesday 2nd March


We have been inviting parents to come into school to tell us about their careers. This week, we had Rob come in to tell us about 'Right to Dream'. This is a football academy that supports and helps poorer children in Ghana to have opportunities to fulfil their sporting dreams, as well as receive a better education. We were impressed that they came third in the whole world in a robotics competition! Through hard work and dedication, many of the children in the academy were also given opportunities to play football in Denmark and America. In addition to this, they promote being a well rounded person and 'giving back to society'. Watching the video clips of their achievements was very inspiring. The core values of 'Right To Dream' and Rob's presentation made us even more determined to be the best we can be!

Friday 18th February


At the beginning of the week, we had our first parent volunteer come into school to tell us all about their career and reinforce just how important our learning is. Mr. Sharp, is a pilot. He told us lots of information about his job, as well as bringing in a cockpit for us to marvel at all the controls! He was brilliant and we all enjoyed his visit.


We started to look at the work of William Morris and design our own patterns based on his work. We started to etch these into lino, ready to produce mono-prints when we return after the holiday.


We finished the term on a very windy day! As a result, we had live on-line lessons before our holiday began. 


Friday 11th February



Wednesday was a busy day, as we had two sporting festivals happening at the same time: netball and cross country.

The year 5 and 6 had a netball tournament at Malmsbury Secondary School. We won, one match, drew two and lost two. However, it was fun to take part.

The cross country was held at Westonbirt School. The Year 3 races were first, followed by the Year 4. At the start of the race, it was quite rough as we started as a large group and needed to separate ourselves out. It was lovely to see some of our friends from other schools. We were all amazing and proud of our achievements especially as we were the smallest school to enter.

The Year 5 and 6 race was longer and many of us were doing it for the first time. We were astounded by the number of children that entered the race, making the competition more challenging and harder to fight for the top positions.


We have enjoyed using our knowledge of circuits to make scribble bots and lanterns.


We have worked hard in English, writing diaries set in Victorian times. We have also been learning about the horrors of workhouses and the lives of poor people.

Tuesday 8th February


Last week, some of Class Two represented Luckington in an indoor cricket festival. Our Year 3 and 4s, won the first game: 105 runs and the other team got 87. Sadly, the following games were lost; the last match by only 1 run! Overall we came third.

Then the Year 5 and 6 were up. Unfortunately, we lost all our matches but our positivity and resilience guided us through. However, we received lots of praise for our maturity, sportsmanship and outstanding behaviour!

Friday 28th January


On Wednesday, some of the members of Class 2 entered a gymnastics competition at Malmesbury Secondary School. They all worked hard for the big day and had lots of fun. Two of our classmates received an award: 2nd place in the Advanced Vaulting and 3rd place in the Beginners Floor Sequence. After we completed our events, we all had a turn using Malmesbury’s equipment. These included: ropes, climbing apparatus, springboards, crash mats and vaults- some of us even did ‘flips’!

On Tuesday, we had a very scary Victorian teacher come into school (even though she said that she was one of the kind ones!). Thankfully, none of us received any Victorian punishments! However, two of our friends helped to demonstrate having their fingers clamped and having to hold a very heavy book for 2 minutes - Victorian children would have had to hold it for a lot longer!

We re- enacted attending a ragged school. We did lots of different activities including: nature drawing, PE drills, handwriting on slates, games (quoits, hopscotch and skittles),singing and bible reading and reciting the Lord's Prayer.


We are happy to start football club again and we enjoyed coaching the younger children, and we're looking forward to having even more people next week.

Friday 21st January


This week we have been writing stories in English. We turned the traditional story structure on its head, by beginning our stories with the ending and including backstories in our work! 

In history, we have been learning about life in a Victorian school ready for our visit from a Victorian teacher next week. We've made a list of Victorian class rules to make sure that we behave appropriately for the occasion!



Friday 14th January 2022


On Thursday, the year 5 and 6 children attended the small school county football tournament in Devizes. This was the second round. We did amazingly well! We didn't lose a match; we only conceded one goal! Unfortunately, we didn't quite make it to the regional competition due to a goal difference of one!  

Friday 7th January 2022


Happy New Year!

It's great to be back at school after the Christmas holidays. It's nice to see our friends again and find out about the fun they had.

This week, the Year 6s have been doing their Bikeability course. We have enjoyed riding our bikes around the playground and in village, learning how to be safe on the road.


Monday 13th December 2021


This week was our last cricket session with Wiltshire Cricket club. 


We are excited about Christmas and enjoying our annual celebration at The Old Royal Ship with ‘World’s Best Roast Dinner’ and party games.


Despite hearing that the Young Voices concert has been postponed, our resilience has kept us keen to learn the songs in the hope that we will be able to  perform at the concert at a later date.


We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Friday 10th December 2021


As well as cricket, we had a treat to kick start the week. Two people came into school to perform: The Night Before Christmas. We were impressed that only two actors were able to tell the story, playing several parts; the costume changes were remarkably fast! Not only could they act but they could also sing extremely well.


On Wednesday, we started to make our space T-shirts. We challenged ourselves by sewing on different space themed embellishments. All of us were grateful that many parents came in to help us with this project: we couldn’t have done it without them!


It was great to have outdoor learning over at the park where we enjoyed playing lots of games.


We concluded the week with ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ where we all showcased our festive sweaters and raised money for Save the Children. We also recorded our Christmas Nativity video and look forward to seeing it on our website soon!



By Class 2




Monday 29th November 2021


All of us enjoyed another session with the cricket coach, developing our batting skills.


Last of the Autumn leaves have fallen and many of us have helped sweep them up!


We kicked off the start of December by learning our songs for the Christmas performance that we are having next week. We also made Christingles and opened our advent calendar. 


This week we had our flu vaccines and the nurses were very impressed with us!



Monday 22nd November 2021


Last weekend, some of us went to Wotton Bassett to take part in a drama festival. We entered several competitions: news reading, poetry writing, performing memorised poetry,  sight reading and memorised prose. We all did exceptionally well, taking home many medals and trophies!


We enjoyed another session with the cricket coach: this week we learnt and improved our bowling skills.


As we mentioned last week, we managed to raise a spectacular £115 towards Children in Need.

By Class 2



Monday 8th November 2021


It is the start of a new half term. 


Sadly, we can’t eat our lunch with class one again or have school assemblies!


Our after school clubs have now changed; instead of  gardening club, we are now able to do gymnastics club. Running club has also started back up. We are continuing to enjoy our music lessons.

The school council have organised the events for raising money for Children In Need. These include: Wacky hair styles and dyes,  teddy bear swap, non-school uniform and a cake sale.  


We said goodbye to the rugby coaches but are looking forward to having cricket lessons with the amazing coaches from Chance to Shine.


By Class 2


Wednesday 20th October 2021


On Wednesday, Years 5 and 6 entered a tag rugby tournament, playing against the local schools. Although we won many matches, we did not quite manage to secure a place in the semi-finals. However, we all had such a great afternoon playing tag rugby and applying the skills that the Bath Rugby coaches taught us! At the end of the tournament we celebrated with a delicious hotdog.


On Thursday, we were lucky to have a virtual visit from the Life Bus! We learnt all about being different and unique, and how having a disability doesn't restrict success - we all have our own talents. We enjoyed meeting Harold the Giraffe again.


We also took a trip to the park for Outdoor Learning with Mrs. Waldron. We had a great time collecting natural treasures that we value and respect. We enjoyed the team building and problem solving tasks, as well as the fun games.


By Class 2



Monday 15th October 2021


This week, we were lucky enough to be involved with an interview with Michael Rosen (Britain's most famous children’s poet and author). Did you know that he was also awarded the children’s Laureate?


We were sorry to hear that he was put in an induced coma for 40 days whilst he was recovering from Co-vid 19. However, his rehabilitation programme gave him inspiration to write his new book called: Sticky, McStickstick. He started to read this to us and it was about the journey he had learning how to walk again with his walking stick - Sticky McStickstick.


We had Sandy from the Wiltshire Council come into school to teach us about road safety, including:crossing the road, wearing helmets, and the importance of seat belts. We all listened to a DVD and the Year 3/4 children went on a walk around the village to practise what we had learned.


Children In Need was a fun end to our week. We all came into school wearing bright clothes with wacky hairstyles! We organised a cake sale - it was a huge success and enjoyed by all!





Friday 8th October 2021


On Monday, to our excitement, the Space Dome returned to school to teach us more about the Solar System. We had to crawl through a dark tunnel to enter the dome. We enjoyed seeing images of the planets, how to recognise the star constellations and the stories that were once told from these. One of our favourite facts was that the black hole ate an enormous gas cloud. We found out that if we jumped into a black hole (head first is recommended), we would be stretched - this is called spaghettification!!! The sound effects were also brilliant, especially when we were learning about how stars exploded.


On Wednesday, Year 3 and 4 entered into a Tag Rugby Tournament, playing against the local schools. It was the first time that year 3 had taken part in a sporting festival. Everyone had lots of fun playing and were really proud of the three matches that they won. Thank you, Mrs. Newman for organising this!


We have started to make up food hampers for the Doorway Project based in Chippenham. There have been lots of contributions already towards this worthy charity.


By Class 2

Thursday 30th September 2021


On Monday, we were lucky to have Richard come into school to teach us how to stay safe on the internet when using social media and gaming. We learnt about how to avoid leaving personal clues behind on our digital footprint.


As part of our topic, we watched a live Space Conference where we learnt about satellites and how they worked to give us information. Did you know that they put trackers on wildlife so we can see how they behave in their natural habitat. The satellites help us to predict the weather too - although they don’t always get it right! We were amazed by how much space junk there is and were impressed by the satellites that collect this rubbish .


On Wednesday, we had a coach come in from Gym Run to set us some fitness challenges. These included: mini bounces over a line, sit-ups to strengthen our core muscles, dips to improve our upper body, standing jumps and then running around the perimeter of the playground for three minutes to test our stamina. Once the tasks were completed, the coach calculated our scores to see which coloured badge we had earned - each colour badge represents your achievements. We are hoping to improve our previous personal best scores from before lockdown. The older pupils helped class one to record their results.    


We had another enjoyable session playing rugby with the Bath coaches.

By Class 2


Friday 24th September 2021


We’ve enjoyed another week of tag rugby with the coaches from Bath. We were lucky this week, as another coach joined our session.


The reception children are now in school for the whole day. It’s nice to have the little children with us to make our school complete.


On Wednesday, the Year 5 and 6 children entered a football tournament at the Red Bull Pitches in Malmesbury. There were 10 schools involved from the local area and we were divided into two groups of five teams. We were so proud of our achievements as we were the only team that didn’t lose in the group stages. The top two teams from each group were then entered into the semi final - this was us! We were first in our group! Amazingly, we scored in the first 10 seconds of our first game! Once again, we won this match taking us to the final; the smallest school playing the largest school. Sadly, this is when our winning streak ended. We had a great day!


In science, we carried out an experiment to see who can make a bottle rocket reach the highest using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. The carbon dioxide produced in all of the bottles created a great deal of pressure to build up inside. We were hoping for more  spectacular results, however, there was one that took to the sky and landed on the school roof! Nonetheless, we have come up with other ideas on how we could launch our bottle rockets. 


Friday 17th September 2021


This week has been even better than last week because we are able to enjoy our lunch with the reception children.


On Monday, it was great to see the return of the coach from Bath Rugby Club to help us build on our previous sessions. This was exciting and fun to play tag rugby games.This is also a great opportunity to help us develop our skills, in preparation for the upcoming Tag Rugby Tournament.


Our play leaders have visited Malmesbury School to be trained up for the role. They met lots of other children from other schools in the area who had been chosen for this very important position at their school.The coach taught them lots of games that they can organise at breaktime for other children to enjoy. This has been a great success already and lots of our children are enjoying their activities.


Our school clubs are now running and we have been enjoying: drama, gardening club, choir and  tag rugby. We have also welcomed back our piano and guitar teachers.


By Class 2



Friday 10th September 2021


We are happy to be back and learning at the start of a new school year. It’s good to see all of our friends and teachers again after our summer break. Being reunited with the whole school again after Co-vid restrictions is amazing!


Our new topic is ‘Out of this World’ and we are looking forward to learning about Space. We made a start by writing mnemonics to help us remember the planets, as well as using our creativity to write space poems.


We enjoyed the sunny start to our week by investigating how shadows move throughout the day and drawing around our friends. 


We started our computing topic by decrypting messages using flags and gestures and successfully sent each other secret messages.


By Class 2


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